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We are looking for an experienced Product Manager who is passionate about building products that customers love as Head of Products you will delight customer by leading inspirational product discoveries by your strong team building skills your highly-motivated user orientation your future-oriented vision and your exceptional understanding on technologically feasible solutions. Your impact to primary driver of the group’s vision; overseeing the development and management of the product’s roadmap based on the adopted strategies and vision. Demands that the individual in its occupation is a highly analytical individual who is able to work quite effectively in a matrix environment. The position also requires that the occupier be adept at synthesizing various technologies and capabilities into the business’s products in such a way that the consumers will love.

We Have

  • An open mind for new ideas.
  • You’ll join a team of passionate and talented colleagues within a fast-paced, fun & friendly, collaborative environment with exposure to continuous learning and improved working life.
  • 5-days work week with flexible duty hours.
  • Competitive salaries.

You Have

  • The followings in yourself:
    • Honesty;
    • Have the succeeding together concept;
    • Takes ownership;
    • Be outstanding as average is simply not good enough for us.
  • Discover the products which customers will love.
  • Planning, prioritizing and managing the overall product roadmap to meet corporate and financial objectives.
  • Defining goals and success metrics for the product management function.
  • Uplift the product team’s skills by providing necessary training and exposure.
  • Present product strategies, roadmaps and timelines to company leadership. Inspire and motivate entire company on the product strategy and roadmaps by clear and timely communications, workshops and presentations.
  • Ensure the quality of the product canvases, prototypes and test case specifications.
  • Build a strong user community which will help the company to get feedback and test product ideas. Keep them engaging with company’s product roadmap.
  • Performing market research, market validation and whitespace analysis to identify new high growth product opportunities and propose them to company leadership.

And the followings:

  • Bachelor’s degree and/or Master’s degree in Computer Science Engineering or a related field, or equivalent.
  • Master of Business Administration.
  • +7 years of experience in product management.
  • +3 years of experience in managing product team.
  • Leadership position in product management is preferred (eg: VP of Product Management, Head of Product Management)
  • Possess the ability to use information/data and various metrics to develop an informed and factual business case.
  • Have strong financial analytical capabilities that are used to further develop an informed product strategy, which subsequently improves product performance.
  • Subject matter expert/industry experience in aviation is added advantage.
  • Fluent in the English Language.
If you wish to work with us, you should be sending your resume to careers@accelaero.com

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