We are all about crafting delightful passenger experience
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3 Biggest Challenges
Facing the Global Aviation Industry


Security of the passengers has never been in spotlight as much as today, with the increased number of cyber criminal activities.

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Passenger Experience

Passenger experience has become a prime decider that influence directly towards the buying decisions of passengers.

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With the rise in cost of operation, every airline is exploring opportunities for increasing sales and cut down costs.

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At AeroLabs we are very conscious about security as we understand the rise in cybercrime and it’s negative effects towards airline industry. We believe that BioMetrics can be applied in both securing passenger information as well as improving passenger experience. We are researching deep onto utilizing these capabilities and integrating them into our product suite.

Passenger Experience

Google Glass

Think about passengers with wearables get information right on to them. Without having to request or wait all critical information such as flight arrival, gate opening, final calls delivered to them. We believe this technology is here to stay. That’s why we invest in connecting these devices for crafting delightful passenger experience.

Smart Watch

Smart watch we believe will stay and replace the mobile phone sooner or later. And it’s something every passenger will wear. We see limitless possibilities this opens an airlines to increate the passengers experience. So we are working hard on it.

Proximity Transmissions

iBeacon Check-ins

Let your passengers check in using the beacon-ised self-service terminals, which connects directly with the mobile app installed in a mobile phone though a private cloud.

iBeacon Alerts

Location sensitive contexts aware alerts that will send the right message at the right time to the right audience for upsells and avoid bottlenecks at the airports.


Handle emergency situations with the use of precise location information at your figure tips.

Staff Reduced in Numbers

Technology will help you replace humans as it’s has been doing for years. Proximity devices will cut it down further.

Location Based Services

Your consumer loyalty program doesn’t bring you expected results? Try the location based services which directly rewards the passengers instantly at the correct location. Make those reward points count!

Cut down support calls by mobile notifications

Help your passengers to explore themselves. Cut down the call center operations by a margin by proving location-based information. Empower your passengers to take control.


Slice and dice the right information for right audience.

Context aware predictions

We are excited about big data and it’s usage. Think about influencing buying decisions with the help of trend analysis and location based information. Our products are intelligent that we will make users buy!

Express reservation

Is your online ticketing system drops majority of users from the initial steps itself? Use the intelligence of big data to help them reserve tickets with few clicks.

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