BTN interview with Nader A Shukralla chief executive of Information Systems Associates

Information System Associates FZE have been providing high performance technology to the global travel and airline sectors since 2005, offering a deep portfolio of solutions that is also broad enough to touch virtually every corner of the industry.

Here Breaking Travel News sits down with chief executive Nader A Shukralla to discuss the brand, its overseas growth and the launch of the latest suite of products.

Breaking Travel News: Can we begin with a brief overview of Information Systems Associates, what services do you offer in the Middle East and North African regions?

Nader Shukralla: Thanks for inviting me to this interview.

The company, Information Systems Associates FZE have been providing high performance technology to the global travel and airlines business since 2005, we celebrated our tenth anniversary in April this year.

Since its founding on April 5th, 2005, the ACCELaero, our core PSS has processed over 100 million bookings with a record-breaking performance of 99.999 per cent up-time.

We currently work with 19 customers and are growing, priding ourselves on being the leading PSS host in the MENA region – controlling 54 per cent market share and number four globally both in the LCCs and Hybrid space.

BTN: ISA recently unveiled its latest suite of high performance technologies – ACCELaero. This includes the aeroLINE, aeroPORT and aeroMART products. What can you tell us about this?

NS: We recently launched the ACCElaero Portfolio during the Aviation Festival Asia in Singapore in February 2015.

Why there? Simply because we see Asia as one new interesting and untapped market by us, so much so that we are now ready for a rapid business expansion into Southeast Asia as part of our global expansion program.

ACCELaero is a portfolio of three product suites, each distinct and addressing specific business objectives – Retail, Operational Fulfilment and Business Productivity.

aeroMART comprises of core PSS solutions and distribution connectivity options.

aeroPORT provides consistent operational and service delivery fulfilment with departure control and weight and balance applications aeroLINE is a set of business focused solutions to hone productivity and revenue

Together, the ACCElaero Portfolio allows airlines to deliver unique customer experiences, increase revenue, lower cost and manage risk effectively.

Worth noting is that we also paid maximum regard to the ideas of our existing and future customers, Airlines from LCCs and Hybrid space when developing the ACCElaero Portfolio.

BTN: In what ways can ISA assist airlines to maintain a technological advantage in an ever changing market?

NS: ACCELaero is a deep portfolio of powerful technologies and integrated solutions.

Our robust technology evolves on daily basis.

Designed to address the business problems of today, whilst agile and capable to respond to the problems of tomorrow.

Built using the latest technologies with open architecture ACCELaero is a future proof solution set, capable to adopt and grow as our customers do.

With tight integration and use of common data ACCELaero brings a Portfolio of real innovations that will transform the business for the long term.

At our Research & Development Center in Colombo, Sri Lanka we have assembled a team of 100 innovators to continuously deliver an advanced new technologies.

It marks a new milestone for ISA.

BTN: The Middle East is presently one of the most exciting aviation markets on earth, with Middle Eastern airlines dominating the global agenda. What opportunities has this offered ISA?

NS: My straight answer is – we are in the most exciting phase now, and ready to bring increased choice into the marketplace.

Through ACCELaero, we are offering a deep portfolio of solutions that is also adequately broad to touch almost every aspect of the Airlines business.

I fully agree, as far as business growth is concerned, Middle East and particularly UAE, where we are based – is the centre of now.

We are seeing exponential organic growth as well as rapid inorganic growth through M&A, both happening right in front of us.

BTN: While now established in your home markets, ISA has plans to launch globally. How far advanced are these plans?

NS: For many years ISA has focused primarily upon regional market, the MENA region and this strategy has served us well in the last ten years.

However, during the past two years we have gradually expanding into sub-continent and Indian Ocean, where we have already secured three accounts in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Maldives respectively.

Our foray into south-east Asia region will be our first step into global expansion and already we are in an advance negotiation with several key airlines in that region.

BTN: You have been nominated as the World’s Leading PSS Provider at the World Travel Awards. How does it feel to have been recognised in this way??

NS: To win prestigious accolades helps to accelerate our global expansion rapidly.

We have what it takes and confident of winning the World’s Leading PSS Provider at the World Travel Award 2015.

Never before have we been this focussed on our international foray.



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