aeroMART SELL – First CRS in the world to get certified on PNRGOV for UAE and KSA

States have long recognized that passenger data supplied by Aircraft Operators is a critical element of the state’s border control and risk management processes. A growing number of States require Aircraft Operators to provide Passenger Data related to certain travel and reservation information held in an Aircraft Operator’s reservation and/or departure control system. The PNRGOV message is designed to provide a consistent approach for all Aircraft Operators required to provide PNR information to States.

PNRGOV messages are intended to facilitate the exchange of such data relevant to different government requirements on PNR data and Airlines reservation systems.

The problem

Before 24/12/2014, none of the Airline reservation systems in the world were certified for PNRGOV requirements set by the governments of United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was a very much demanding needs of the region in border control and risk management processes of those countries.


AirArabia one of the major customers of AccelAero aeroMART SELL has communicated their need to comply with the government requirements of UAE and KSA to share Passenger Data related information by obtaining PNRGOV certification.

Being a trendsetter we took the challenge, as a result AccelAero aeroMART SELL reservation system was able to be the first reservation system in the world to get certified on PNRGOV standards for UAE and KSA.

Using interactive PNRGOV message from our reservation system AirArabia, first and largest low cost carrier in Middle East and North Africa operated the first flight on 24th December in 2014.

The main challenge faced by our engineers was to be able to integrate a modern web based AccelAero suite of products which are built on latest cutting edge technologies, with PNRGOV messaging system which uses the legacy EDIFACT technology.

Within a short time span our technical team was able to thoroughly study the integration requirements and execute a successful integration project precisely following the standards. This demonstrate the agility and quick adaptation of the AccelAero team in delivering solutions quickly than any others in the industry. It also showcase the commitment & determination of ISA to be the world leader in providing travel technology solution.

About ISA

ISA (Information Systems Associates) is a premier in the field of Information Technology providing best-of-breed technology solutions for the global travel and aviation industry since 2005. We offer a wide range of tailor-made aviation technology solutions which cater to every aspect of the organization. We have proven our expertise and proficiency over the years and have attracted scores of prestigious clients around the world. We are headquartered in Sharjah – UAE, while the Research & Development center is located in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Since making our debut with AccelAero, a modern online reservation system, we have strongly evolved adopting cutting edge technology to meet the ever-growing demands of the aviation sector today.
Today ISA, has a wide range of products which are catered to the Airline, Airport, Travel and Tourism sectors, we take great pride in saying that we have made remarkable progress since our inception, reaching many milestones along the way, as well as setting ambitious plans for our future.


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