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aeroLINE is a suite of software applications to improve the operational efficiency and revenue maximization of an airline while adhering to the regulatory requirements.


aeroLINE FLEET is a tail allocation solution to assure the proposed flight scheduled is fulfilled as efficiently as possible considering aircraft suitability, ground time and maintenance requirements alongside unique aircraft performance attributes.
aeroLINE FLEET delivers optimal aircraft utilisation for a given schedule whilst managing operational costs through the prioritisation of the most fuel efficient aircraft within the fleet.

Aircraft Optimizer

Optimizing movements by allocating most suitable flights.

3rd Party Integration

Compatible with industry standard messaging and has the ability to communicate with 3rd party systems.

Fuel module

Reduce fuel burn by assigning the right aircraft.


aeroLINE CREW simplifies the assignment of all duties to crew members. Automated rostering provides assignment of crew to pairings based on any pre-defined criteria. Changes to schedules and aircraft patterns are immediately made available for review and resolution.
Decision Support is inbuilt into aeroLINE CREW providing queries against available crew members and unassigned duties and assignment changes being distributed via a notification module to affected personnel.
aeroLINE CREW manages leave assignments and reporting and training, whether that be recurrent, conversion, requalification along with many others.

Increase Productivity

Boost efficiency of the crew by enabling systematic resource management, allocation.

Regulatory Compliance

Smart allocation of crew adhering to crew duty regulations.

Cost Reduction

Quick to deploy, easy to use high performance software solutions lowers operating costs.


aeroLINE RMS is a revenue management solution that determines seat inventory allocations on a leg/segment basis incorporating a framework to manage product-sensitive and price-sensitive demand. Forecasting for the future flight departures uses data from boarding rates and remaining demand, allocating the remaining capacity on a flight leg to the various inventory classes. Optimisation determines the inventory and any nested inventory controls that need to be supported on the Inventory System.

Statistical Techniques

Ability to precisely forecast demand of PAX and yield for each of the business type.

Autonomous Framework

Minimise the guesswork and manual intervention by automatic price forecast.

Predictions based on Historical Data

Smart allocation of seats on various price levels for each business type based on historical data analysis..


aeroLINE SALES is a Budget Management system developed using state-of-the-art technology enabling the budget process for your network and to allow mangers to handle assigned stations and upload their budgets for senior management approval.
Stations are managed by geographical distribution allowing for capacity uploading, mapping of O&D’s, proration and “What If?” scenarios.
aeroLINE SALES has numerous in-built reports such as route and station performance and flight performance data.

Real time operation

Ability to process near real time data.


Ability to easily integrate with 3rd party systems.

Report Suite

Advanced reporting facility to support smart decision making.

The Challenge

The survival of an airline in the competition mostly depends on optimizing flight schedules to maximize revenue, effectively manage crew without exceeding the legal limits and accurate market demand prediction to optimize inventory and fares.

Our Solution

While the aeroLINE FLEET enables to create efficient flight schedules, automatic optimizer allocates the most suitable aircraft to operate a flight. Automation of crew planning and rostering enables most efficient allocation of staff within the legal limits set by the regulatory bodies. aeroLINE RMS uses sophisticated statistical techniques on historical data to arrive at the most accurate, optimised inventory and fares with very minimal human interventions.

Based on extensive research findings

aeroLINE solutions reflect market demand and cater the need of the industry.

Built using scientific, mathematical techniques

Application of statistical techniques and autonomous frameworks provides more accurate results while having less human intervention.


Dependable results supported by historical data and business rules to assure the compatibility with industry standards.

The Results

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