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aeroMART is a suite of software applications that enables the airlines, airports to sell ticket, ancillaries and airport services to their customers through multiple distribution channels.


aeroMART SELL is our flagship core reservations, inventory and ticketing solution where your customers and agents can book and pay for flights, seats, ancillary products and services. A fully hosted, cloud based solution, modular in design and architecture, with browser based access that supports more than 15 payment solutions. aeroMART SELL gives your customers a connected experience and enables you to sell to the right person at the right time at the right price. aeroMART SELL is a solution that is easy to use, secure and is the heart of your sales force, customer operations and service delivery teams which is agile to support seamless integration with any GDS, Interline and Code-share in the market.

Cost effective

Different pricing schemes to support your business model.


Ability to adapt to your growth seamlessly.


Efficient controls and measures are in place with optimal fine tuning.


aeroMART SELL Lite is a unique solution for Travel Agents who are selling tickets on multiple reservation platforms. aeroMART SELL Lite has the capability to connect to multiple reservation systems to get the fare, inventory and schedule information and display them to the agent on a single screen. Travel agencies has the flexibility in setting up the agency fare on top of the fare given by the Airlines. In addition customizable business rules can be defined by the Travel Agencies to achieve more profit when doing sales via multiple streams.

In the near future, aeroMART SELL Lite will have the capability to connect to multiple GDSs, which will enable the agents to sell tickets by connecting to different CRS as well as GDSs on a single platform.

Selling on Multiple Airlines

Single platform to integrate multiple airlines.

Hassle free agent experience

Enables efficient sales on multiple platforms through single user friendly interfaces.

High profitability

Business rule driven sales for increased profitability.


aeroMART WEB is a hosted e-Commerce shopping and booking service to assist airlines in establishing and enhancing web presence and brand image. Designed to improve levels of direct distribution and conversion, delivering an innovative experience at the same as addressing internal cost of sale and ease of reach into the wider global marketplace.
aeroMART WEB delivers a complete and configurable Web solution with measurable return on investment and value. This high quality Internet Booking Engine enables and grows direct distribution through a combination of flexible configurations that gift a custom solution and the stability and scalability of customer order transformation products. Configurations allow you to construct booking flows and preferences that meet your business needs.

Better user experience

Modern user interfaces for enhanced user satisfaction.


PCI DSS compliant hosting environment, with high security controls.

One stop shop

Shop Air tickets, Hotels, Ancillaries, Airport Services and Check-in all at one place.


aeroMART MOBILE delivers a ‘shop from anywhere’ solution for your customers and is your brand on your customers’ device providing purchase of travel and ancillaries in a language of their choice at any time of the day. Customers can also check in for their flights, select their seats, continue shopping and tell their friends all about it! The solution is fully branded application that provides a suite of booking and check-in capabilities to your customer, including a mobile booking engine, flight schedule information, flight status, check-in, seat selection and boarding pass delivery.
aeroMART MOBILE is deployed through ‘app stores’ for both iOS and Android platforms.

Better user experience

Compatible with differnt devices and available on multiple platforms.

Improved customer management

Customer focused and easy to use creating continuous engagement and rich revenue opportunities.

Increase revenue

Engaging direct channel solution designed to produce high conversion rates.


aeroMART AGENT is a web based portal for call centre and travel agents permitting direct access to aeroMART SELL to create and manage bookings. Your Travel Agent community has direct access to perform sales activities and to make payment via several paths including BSP links; providing you full, real time control, over access and credit limits, application of commission structures and comprehensive report generation. The portal is currently available in English and is where Travel Agents may manage all reservation functions. Our solution is configurable to individual airline processes and integrates relevant data at the point of sale and service.

Multiple Payment Options

Supports BSP Payment, Airline Managed Credit Limit etc…

Agent Management

Enables more control for the airline on their agent and provides multiple reports for decision making.

Call center focused

Rich with features which empowers the Airlines call center agents.


aeroMART SERVE is a web and mobile solution to deliver a ‘shop from anywhere’ service to your customers. This high quality retail solution presents access to airport products and services directly into the hands of the passenger. Being inventory controlled aeroMART SERVE allows you to assure products and services whilst managing your manpower and supply chain constraints.
Accessed via a browser, with the mobile version being available through ‘app stores’ for both iOS and Android platforms, customers can shop for inventory controlled Meet & Assist, Lounge Access and other offers directly with the provider or through your web site.

Better user experience

Exceeds the customer expectations by bringing the airport services to where they are.

Onestop airport shop

No hassle waiting in long queues in airports anymore! airport services made available from anywhere.

APIs open for 3rd party integrations

Readymade APIs available to integrate suppliers with minimal effort.


aeroMART ECOMMERCE opens door for Airlines to generate additional revenue through seamless integration of Hotels and Car Rental companies to their online booking platform.
aeroMART ECOMMERCE is a cloud based solution which helps organizations with dynamic packaging, rate intelligence, price optimization, seamless electronic distribution and brand engagement.

Easy integration with Hotel + Car Suppliers

Well defined APIs enables the hotels and rent a car suppliers to easily integrate to the aeroMART ECOMMERCE platform.

Real Time Pricing

Pricing module enables to publish the prices real time when ever a change is done.

Configurable Commissions

Pricing is made configurable with a facility to define and calculate commission based on each supplier.

The Challenge

Today the biggest challenges faced by any airlines is to sell more products, enable more people to reach the sales platforms/channels from wherever they are while reducing the cost involved. Another challenge is that the new generation users are more concerned about the user experience while consuming the services.

Our Solution

aeroMART being a web application with enhanced graphical user interfaces enables airlines to do direct distribution via Extended and Internet booking engines , Mobile, OTA and APIs which eliminates the traditional distribution cost. The API interfaces provided by aeroMART nullifies the recurrent messaging (EDIFACT & type B) cost.

Internal integration

Tight internal integration and powerful open architecture to rapidly respond to change.

Open 24x7x365

Open 24x7x365 to improve conversion and increase revenue against lower operating costs. Accelerate your return on investment.


Secure and robust platform with proven statistics.

The Results

Online bookings

Crew departures handled

Passengers served

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