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Departure control platform to handle passengers and aircrafts.

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aeroPORT is fast, simple to use and removes complexity to enable an increase in productivity in both customer facing and non-customer facing commerce.


aeroPORT FLY is our check-in and departure control solution for airlines and airports and enables airport staff to serve and process passengers and baggage quickly, securely and efficiently through our easy to use interface and logical business flows.
Check-in and Boarding process are made simple and very user-friendly which will reduce the time taken to handle a passenger during these two phases. aeroPORT FLY is certified on CUTE platforms and connected to APP/APIS/PNRGOV process in many countries. It comes with an online-check-in engine by default.

Better user experience

Modern user interfaces with advanced user experience.

Efficient operation

Caters industry standard features with add on functionalities for smooth operation.


Supports regulatory integration requirements and message exchange.


aeroPORT TRIM is a tool to manage aircraft before departure. By using aeroPORT TRIM airlines can utilize aircrafts with maximum efficiency and reduced cost. Highly graphical user interfaces makes it very easy to navigate and use the system. While built with modern technologies, aeroPORT TRIM support legacy type B messages to integrate with other systems. Auto load feature of aeroPORT TRIM will balance the aircraft within a short time and will offer the airline maximum saving by reducing the fuel burn.

Better user experience

Loading, Optimising of passenger, crew and cargo was never this easy.

Reduced cost

Optimised load allocation with considerable reduction of fuel cost.

3rd Party Integration

Open for integration with any 3rd party applications.

The Challenge

Smooth passenger handling in airport and reduce fuel cost by optimum allocation of load (Passenger, crew, baggage, cargo etc...) on aircrafts have always been a challenge.

Our Solution

aeroPORT exceeds customer expectation with its UX driven graphical interfaces on both web and mobile platforms, effective use of solvers while mathematical models enables to accurately suggest optimal load allocation on aircrafts.


Exceptional user experience for passenger and aircraft handling.

Stand alone solutions

Has the ability to function independently and can be easily plugged into any 3rd party applications with minimal effort.


Fully complying with industry standards such as SITA CUTE, APP, PNR Gov etc..

The Results

Online bookings

Crew departures handled

Passengers served

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