The new strategy for year 2015 and beyond to rapidly scale-up ISA’s footprint globally.

SINGAPORE February 12, 2015 – Information Systems Associates FZE, a leader in providing high performance aviation solutions in the MENA region, announced today its new brand portfolio ACCELaero a powerful set of high performance technologies and integrated solutions.  The company also shared their progress to date and near term intentions to expand into international markets.

Since 2005 the U.A.E based company has focused primarily upon regional markets, implementing their suites of solutions with airlines in the MENA region. This strategy has served ISA in previous years, but “The new strategy going forward for 2015 and beyond is to go global.” said Nader Shukralla, Chief Executive Officer at the Aviation Festival Asia here in Singapore; adding “We have also paid maximum regard to the demand and ideas of our existing and future customers, airlines from the LCC and Hybrid space when developing the ACCELaero portfolio.” ACCELaero is a portfolio of three product suites each distinct and addressing specific business objectives, Retail, Operational Fulfillment and Business Productivity.
aeroMART comprises of core PSS solutions and distribution connectivity options.
aeroPORT delivers consistent operational and service delivery fulfilment with departure control and weight and balance applications.
aeroLINE is a set of business focused solutions to hone productivity and revenue.


Together the ACCELaero Portfolio allows airlines to,

  • Deliver Unique Customer Experiences
  • Increase Revenue
  • Lower Cost
  • Manage Risk Effectively


ACCELaero brings a portfolio of real innovation that will transform the business for the long term. It marks a new milestone for ISA.” added Fizlie Mansor, Head of Sales and Marketing at ISA. “We are in the most exciting phase now and are ready to bring increased choice into the market and break away from the ‘Mid-East centric’ notions.” added Fizlie, continuing “Never before have we been this focused on our foray into the South East Asia region”. The company, Information Systems Associates FZE will be celebrating their 10th anniversary in April 2015.

About Information Systems Associates FZE
Information Systems Associates have been providing high performance technology to the global travel and airline business since 2005, offering a deep portfolio of solutions that is also adequately broad to touch almost every aspect of the industry.

Our innovative and transformational portfolio of robust solutions coupled with our proven proficiency and expertise continues to attract powerful brands to employ our products and services. The
ACCELaeroTM portfolio is designed to address the business problems of today, whilst agile and capable to respond to the problems of tomorrow. Our solutions address your problems by connecting your business to people, your people to people and your people with themselves, providing you the opportunity to build long lasting and unique relationships, increase revenue, control costs and mitigate risk.
Information Systems Associates is also committed to the principle of creating Shared Value through our solution design.

About the Portfolio – ACCELaero
Times have changed. Airlines no longer view technology as a necessary burden and consistently look to lower overall costs, maximise investment and the value derived. The argument of ‘best of breed’ v ‘single platform’ persists. With our solutions airlines can leverage a broad portfolio of powerful high performance technologies and integrated solutions that address recognised industry problems and raise the opportunity bar, producing a whole that is greater than the sum of its individual parts.
Built using the latest technologies with open architecture ACCELaero is a future proof solution set, capable to adopt and grow as our customers do. With tight integration and use of common data, our solutions bring opportunity at a significantly lower overall cost.


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